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Healthy Powerful Man








SemenRx & FemXL (6 Pack)


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract


Vitamin D-3 (2,000 IU) + K2

$18.95 $14.95

CLA Complex + Fish Oil

$20.95 $14.95

Gamma Immune Response

$54.00 $45.99

Healthy Vibrant Man

$39.99 $29.99

Micellized Vitamin A


C-1000 Formula


Active B12 + Folate

$39.99 $34.99

Niacin SR




Ultra Multivitamin

$25.95 $22.95

CoQ10 Ubiquinol

$55.95 $49.95

Restore – Probiotics Complex


Krill Oil


Green Coffee Bean Extract & Raspberry Ketone


Garlic & Parsley


Omega-3 Fish Oil

$17.88 $15.99

Natural Multi Fiber Complex

$12.99 $10.99

Cholesterol Formula

$21.49 $18.99

Prostate Support Formula

$20.80 $18.72

B-100 Complex


D-3 Vitamin – 1,500 IU




Carb Blocker Formula


Blood Sugar Formula


Our Promise To You

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Uncompromised Quality

For us, high quality isn’t enough. We are committed to continually providing superior supplements that are affordable for everyone. Quality products, without the premium price tag.

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Verified Lab Tested

We believe you should know about everything that goes into your body. That’s why we go the extra step to source the highest quality ingredients that not only meet industry standards, but exceed them.

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Love it or Your Money Back

At Great Lakes Nutrition, we take pride in our products and the customers we get to serve. That’s why we offer a “love it or your money back” guarantee on every product we sell. There’s no catch – it’s simply the best guarantee you can get.