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About Great Lakes Nutrition

Great Lakes Nutrition has been serving the health and wellness industry with quality products at an affordable price for 5+ years. In that time, we’ve concentrated our efforts on producing high quality products that are as natural as they are effective.

By focusing our product development around the feedback we receive from consumers as well as providing a history of exceptional customer care, our brand has grown from a family-run company into a thriving community of like-minded individuals who strongly value the benefits they achieve from a healthy lifestyle. Although we’ve grown considerably from our beginnings, Great Lakes Nutrition has never strayed from our core beliefs and values of providing quality supplements at an affordable price.

What makes us so confident about our products? We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality, lab tested, and 3rd party verified supplements. All our products are manufactured at GMP certified facilities and are rigorously 3rd party tested to ensure purity, potency, and reliability.

We firmly believe in creating the most effective vitamins and supplements that can truly improve people’s health, but believing isn’t quite enough. That’s why research-based science goes into each and every product we offer. Our products are meticulously purified and tested as many as 15 times from start to finish to ensure the highest quality supplement that we can proudly stand behind.

We understand that our customers are trusting us with their most important asset, their health. That’s why we never cut corners and only produce vitamins and supplements that are proven to help improve the lives of our customers, community, and the world.